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America is a two-year literature-based American history curriculum based on the children’s versions of the popular books by Peter Marshall and David Manuel (The Light and the Glory, From Sea to Shining Sea, and Sounding Forth the Trumpet). 

Historical novels and biographies form the reading component of this program.  Students read approximately one book every two weeks; an extended reading list is provided for students who want to read more books.  The three reading book groups for the first year are pictured below -- scroll down to see the three reading book groups for the second year; for more information, check the book and price list page.


includes the following subjects: American History, Reading, Vocabulary/ Spelling, English Grammar, Writing, Geography, Music, Art, Crafts, Science, Health. Bible/Life Application, State/President Study.  A complete Answer Key and time line figures are also included.

The following studies comprise the first year of the America program:

  • Part I:  “Land of the Pilgrims’ Pride” (1492-1789) is an 11-week study that uses The Light and the Glory for Children for history.  
  • All sections of Part I are now available as digital downloads from TeachersPayTeachers; click on the link: "Land of the Pilgrims' Pride."   The Introduction to this curriculum is free on TpT.  Also, as an introductory offer, the Weeks 1-2 are $1.50 and the remaining four 2-3 weeks sections are $2.00 each (regular price on TpT is $3.50 for 2-week sections and $4.00 for the 3-week section).  The Appendix is FREE (regular price on TpT is $1.00), and the Answer Key is $.50 (regular price on TpT is $1.00).  That's just $10.00 for the first 11-week study!  (Regular price on TpT is $20.00 for an 11-week study.)  
  • Part II:  “From Every Mountainside” (1787-1837) is an 11-week study that uses From Sea to Shining Sea for Children as the history book.  Now available on TpT:  "From Every Mountainside"
  • Part III:  “Let Freedom Ring” (1837-1860) is an 11-week study that uses Sounding Forth the Trumpet for Children as the history book.  Now available on TpT:  "Let Freedom Ring"
The children’s books by Mr. Marshall and Mr. Manuel present history in an easy-to-read story format.  The studies use these popular books and add more historical information, lessons, and activities to create a complete curriculum.  Suggestions are also included for using the America program with younger and older students.

After Peter Marshall read “Land of the Pilgrims’ Pride,” he commented:  “. . . I think you have done a fine job with the project.  David Manuel and I are grateful whenever our books are used to teach children the truth about our American history . . . .”

The updated versions of these books are also able to be used with America.  

The studies that form a second year* are listed below:

Note:  Since Peter Marshall/David Manuel books are not available for these time periods, other history books are used for the second year:  

  • Part IV:  “May God Thy Gold Refine” (1860-1900)
  • Part V:  “ ‘Til All Success Be Nobleness” (1900-1940)
  • Part VI:  “And Every Gain Divine” (1940-2001)
Reading book groups for the second year:


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