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The TRAILBLAZER series contains historical fiction books focusing on the lives of Christian heroes.  Dave & Neta Jackson have created classic works by weaving  thrilling  fictional stories around true facts and incidents from the lives of Christians from the past.  Each story revolves around a fictional young person (or two) who has experiences with a hero(s).  Although the series was created for children ages 8-12, people of all ages -- including adults -- enjoy reading these books and are challenged by the heroic stories they contain. 

The Jacksons' comments about the guides:

"Kudos to Chris Roe for developing a solid reading curriculum for the  TRAILBLAZER books!  We especially enjoy her probing questions that get at the underlying themes and motives below the surface of the stories . . . ."

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Many of these these books are out-of-print, but they are available from many used books websites and in digital format at:
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CNS Used Book Page
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Free Introduction and Time line Figures


Five-volume TRAILBLAZER books!
The 5-volume editions contain many of the stories
that have gone out of print as individual books!


TRAILBLAZERS Featuring Harriet Tubman and Other Christian Heroes
This book contains the following stories:  Listen for the Whippoorwill (Harriet Tubman), Kidnapped by River Rats (Wm. & Catherine Booth), Quest for the Lost Prince (Samuel Morris), Exiled to the Red River (Chief Garry Spokane), Assassins in the Cathedral (Festo Kivengere)  Special offer:  Purchase this book -- and get a copy of Attack in the Rye Grass free!  

TRAILBLAZERS Featuring Amy Carmichael and Other Christian Heroes
The Hidden Jewel (Amy Carmichael), Shanghaied to China (Hudson Taylor), The Warrior’s Challenge, (David Zeisberger), Race for the Record (Joy Ridderhoff), Blinded by the Shining Path (Romulo Saune)  
Special offer:  Purchase this book-- and get a copy of Attack in the Rye Grass free!

TRAILBLAZERS Featuring William Tyndale and Other Christian Heroes
The Queen’s Smuggler (Wm. Tyndale), Caught in the Rebel Camp (Frederick Douglass), The Mask of the Wolf Boy (Jonathan & Rosalind Goforth), Flight of the Fugitives (Gladys Alyward), The Fate of the Yellow Woodbee (Nate Saint)
This book is out-of-print and no longer available from CNS. 

TRAILBLAZERS Featuring David Livingstone and Other Christian Heroes
Escape from the Slave Traders (David Livingstone), Traitor in the Tower (John Bunyan), Risking the Forbidden Game (Maude Cary), Trial by Poison (Mary Slessor), Ambushed in Jaguar Swamp (Barbrooke Grubb)  
Special offer:  Purchase this book-- and get a copy of Attack in the Rye Grass free!  

TRAILBLAZERS Featuring Martin Luther and Other Christian Heroes
Spy for the Night Riders (Martin Luther), Attack in the Rye Grass (Marcus & Narcissa Whitman), Sinking the Dayspring (John Paton), Hostage on the Nighthawk (William Penn), The Runaway’s Revenge (John Newton)
This book is out-of-print and no longer available from CNS.

5-volume book.............$14.99 each -- that is just $2.99 per story!  
In addition, purchase any of the available 5-volume books -- and get another s -- Attack in the Rye Grass -- free!

An advantage to purchasing the 5-volume books is that the stories are available for less than half of the price of individual books!  (The writing content of the individual books and the 5-volume editions is the same.)  The only disadvantage is that the five-volume editions do not contain illustrations.  For this reason, I recommend that young readers -- 8 and 9-year olds -- read the individual books if the titles are available.

Study Guide Books for five-volume editions of TRAILBLAZER books
(each of these books now include time line figures for each hero):

Study Guide Book for Trailblazers Featuring Harriet Tubman and Other Christian Heroes.................................................................................................$19.99*
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Study Guide Book for TB Featuring Amy Carmichael & OCH......................$19.99*
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Study Guide Book for TB Featuring David Livingstone & OCH....................$19.99*
Guide book is $14.99 with a purchase of a 5-volume David Livingstone book!

1) These study guide books are not available in booklet format (like the individual study guides).  The guides are printed on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper and are bound with a black, spiral binding.  

2) Pages numbers are also included for individual books, so these 5-volume study guide books can also be used with the individual TRAILBLAZER books.



 Following is an alphabetical listing of the individual TRAILBLAZER book titles, the name of the hero(s), the location, the time period, and a short description of each story:

Abandoned on the Wild Frontier (Peter Cartright-U.S.-1812 & 1820s)
A friendship with Peter Cartwright, a Methodist circuit-riding evangelist, enables 13-year-old Gil to pursue his dream of locating his mother who was  kidnaped by the Sauk Indians during the War of 1812.

Ambushed in Jaguar Swamp (Barbrooke Grubb-1896-Paraguay)
Thirteen-year-old Kyemap wants to accept the Christian teachings of Mr. Grubb, a mission to the Lengua Indians of Paraguay, but he is afraid to give up the traditions of his people.

Assassins in the Cathedral (Festo Kivengere-Uganda-1970s) 

Yacobo, A Ugandan Christian boy, is distracted from writing a play for the Protestant Centennial celebration when Idi Amin and his soldiers persecute many Ugandans.

Attack in the Rye Grass (Marcus & Narcissa Whitman-U.S.-1843)

12-year-old Perrin joins his aunt and uncle, well-known missionaries Dr. Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, in the Oregon Territory where they live with the Cayuse Indians.

The Bandit of Ashley Downs (George Muller-England-1870s)

Curly, a young boy convicted of armed robbery, reforms his ways after experiencing God's love at one of George Muller's orphan homes.

The Betrayer's Fortune (Menno Simons-Northern Europe-1543)
After his mother is arrested as a heretic, 15-year-old Adriaen flees with the Anabaptist preacher Menno Simons and must decide whether to turn Simons in to save his mother from death.

Blinded by the Shining Path (Romulo Saune-Peru-1992)

14-year-old Alfredo gets an assignment from the Shining Path guerillas (the most violent Communist group in the world.):  Kill the pastor of the village church. 

Caught in the Rebel Camp (Federick Douglass-U.S.-1862 to 1863)

14-year-old Danny fights personal battles while Frederick Douglass works (through  speaking and writing) for the rights of blacks to fight in the Civil War and to become U.S. citizens.

The Chimney Sweep's Ransom (John Wesley-England-1742) 
While searching for his young brother who has been "sold" to be trained as a chimney sweep, 13-year-old Ned meets the itinerant preacher John Wesley whose message changes the lives of his entire family.

Danger on the Flying Trapeze (D.L. Moody-U.S.-1893)

When 14-year-old Casey Watkins and his mother join the circus, they are certain that their lives will change for the better, but the real change comes when they meet the charismatic evangelist D.L. Moody.

Defeat of the Ghost Riders (Mary Bethune-U.S.-1904 to 1920)

When her family moves to Florida from Georgia after the Ku Klux Klan burns down her father's business, 8-year-old Celeste becomes one of the first students at Mary Bethune's new school for African-American girls.

Drawn by a China Moon (Lottie Moon-China-1893-1901)

Thirteen-year-old Mollie must keep in touch with her best friend Ida through letters because Ida's family moves to China to help a missionary named Lottie Moon.

The Drummer Boy's Battle (Forence Nightingale-Turkey-1854)

After being wounded while serving as a drummer in the British army during the Crimean War, 12-year-old Robbie is cared for by Florence Nightingale and becomes involved in her efforts to improve the medical care of the sick and wounded soldiers.

Escape from the Slave Traders (David Livingstone-Africa-1860s) 
Two African boys are taken captive by slave traders and then freed by David Livingstone.  The boys then accompany Mr. Livingstone on his quest to find a way to stop the slave trade and to open the interior of Africa to missionaries.

Exiled to the Red River (Chief Spokane Garry-Northwestern U.S./Canada (1811-1829) 

When Garry was a young teenager, his father sent him to Canada to study about God.  He was gone for four years; when he returned to his native area, he became a  great evangelist. 
Note:  This book differs from other Trailblazer books because the young person (Garry) is not fictional -- he is the Christian hero.

The Fate of the Yellow Woodbee (Nate Saint-Ecuador-1955-1965)
Niwa, an 11-year-old Auca boy, experiences the arrival of the five missionaries who are trying to bring God's Word and message to his tribe.

Flight of the Fugitives 
(Gladys Aylward-China-1834)  
Gladys Aylward adopts orphans, including a girl named Ninepence, and tries to save nearly a hundred more children during the war between China and Japan.

The Forty-Acre Swindle (George Washington Carver-1898-Alabama)

George Washington Carver, a Christian agriculturist who helps fellow blacks implement innovative farming techniques, inspires 14-year-old Jesse Turner's family to "hang on to land at all costs."

The Gold Miners' Rescue (Sheldon Jackson-Alaska-1896-1897)

Adam, an Indian boy, thinks he will find fame and success in the white man's world by traveling with the famous Dr. Sheldon Jackson, but he learns an important lesson from an unexpected source.

The Hidden Jewel (Amy Carmichael-India-1909)

While traveling in India, 14-year-old John and his mother encounter the Irish missionary Amy Carmichael and find themselves drawn into helping the work of the Dohnavur Fellowship.

Hostage on the Nighthawk  (William Penn-1699-Pennsylvania)

Theo hopes to enlist the help of his uncle, William Penn, when he and his family find themselves in trouble on a pirate ship.

Imprisoned in the Golden City (the Judsons-Burma-1823-1826)
Adoniram and Ann Judson, the first American foreign missionaries, become foster parents of two Burmese girls and are accused of espionage when the Burmese War begins.

Journey to the End of the Earth (William Seymour-U.S.-1906)

When Jerry Newman gets into trouble in Texas, his mother sends him to live with his uncle in Los Angeles.  Jerry hears William Seymour preach and experiences the earthquake of 1906.

Kidnapped by River Rats (William & Catherine Booth-England-1880s) 

Orphans Jack and Amy find themselves the prey of the worst elements of society until they receive aid from the Booths and their Salvation Army people.

Listen for the Whippoorwill (Harriet Tubman-U.S.-1853)
Reproducible sheets...........................................................................$1.00
Rosebud, a young slave on a Maryland plantation, is led to freedom by Harriet Tubman.

Mask of the Wolf Boy (Jonathan & Rosalind Goforth-China-Early 1900s)  

Fu-lin, a Chinese boy who wears a mask and is sometimes called Wolf Boy, travels with missionaries Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth as they flee from the boxers, a secret society of men who want to rid China of all foreigners.

The Mayflower Secret  (William Bradford-New World-1620-23)
Teenage Elizabeth Tilley, one of the colonists landing at New Plymouth on the Mayflower, is tormented by a terrible secret.

The Queen's Smuggler (William Tyndale-Belgium-1535)

Sarah smuggles a New Testament into England to try to save the life of William Tyndale, man imprisoned for translating the Bible into English.

Quest for the Lost Prince (Samuel Morris-Africa-1890s)  
Jova, a 7-year-old Kru boy in Liberia and a captive slave of an enemy tribe, witnesses the dramatic conversion to Christianity of the Kru Prince  Kaboo and his subsequent disappearance.  Seven years later Jova sails to America to find the prince and bring him back to rule his people.

Race for the Record (Joy Ridderhof-1949-Philippine Islands)

Twelve-year-old Alastair, a son of Christian missionaries on the Philippine island of Palawan, finds a way for Joy Ridderhof to record the Gospels in the native language.

Risking the Forbidden Game (Maude Cary-Morocco-1912-28) 

Jamal and his friend play The Game -- who can get more items from the enemy?  Jamail is intrigued by some of his booty:  pictures of Jesus. 

Roundup of the Street Rovers (Charles Loring Brace - 1854 - United States)
When Kip O'Reilly rides an orphan train, he finds that his honesty may keep people from adopting him.

The Runaway's Revenge (John Newton-England-1775)

13-year-old Hamilton seeks revenge against the former captain of the ship on which his mother had been taken from Africa to slavery in the Colonies.

Shanghaied to China (Hudson Taylor-England & China-1853) 
When 12-year-old Neil is taken aboard a ship bound for China, he is befriended by  Hudson Taylor and shares adventures with Taylor during the voyage and in China.

Sinking the Dayspring (John Paton - 1866 - South Sea islands)

Kevin, an orphan boy, struggles with his fear of water as he travels with John Paton on a ship called the Dayspring. 

Spy for the Night Riders (Martin Luther-Germany-1520)

After coming to Wittenberg to seek an education, Karl becomes a student of Dr. Martin Luther.  When Dr. Luther is declared a heretic, Karl accompanies him as he travels to Worms to defend his views.

The Thieves of Tyburn Square (Elizabeth Fry-England-1817)
Teenagers Betsey and Loren are relieved from the abuses of Newgate Prison in London by the prison reform efforts of Quaker minister Elizabeth Fry.

Traitor in the Tower (John Bunyan-England-1660) 
After his father is imprisoned in the Tower of London, Richard goes to stay with his uncle who is in charge of the Bedford jail.  There Richard meets and is helped by the Puritan preached John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim's Progress.

Trial by Poison (Mary Slessor-West Africa-1888)

Imatu, a Nigerian girl, and other people in her village change because of the influence of a courageous missionary named Mary Slessor.

The Warrior's Challenge (David Zeisberger-America-1772)

David Zeisberger, a missionary to the Moravian Indians, influences two boys -- 13-year-old Joseph and 12-year-old David -- with his godly life and the gospel.

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