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   Contact Christian Novel Studies*:

Telephone: 218-269-4163 (Chris Roe's Cell)
Office Hours for Phone Calls: 
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (CST) Monday through Friday

Christian Novel Studies has put many items published by CNS
on the TeachersPayTeachers website;
click on the link to see all of CNS's products that are currently available:
Christian Novel Studies Store on TeachersPayTeachers 
The benefits of the CNS Store on TeachersPayTeachers:
1) you are able to see a preview of each item,
2) you are able to download materials instantly,
3) you have several payments options: major credit cards or Pay Pal.
Note: All CNS materials are still able to be ordered directly from Christian Novel Studies.
Adding the CNS store on TeachersPayTeachers is another way of making our materials available. 

Fax: 218-729-9733
Write: 5208 E. Lake Rd., Saginaw, MN  55779
Catalogs are available:  1) as a booklet (must be mailed),
2) in PDF format that can be sent as an e-mail attachment.  

*Since CNS is a home business,
there are times when we are not available because we are traveling. 
Before adding the $4.00 charge for Priority Mailing one or two small/medium items
(please note that this charge is in addition to the regular mailing charge of $3.00),

call or e-mail to make sure someone is able to get the item(s) in the mail quickly. 
If someone is not available at that time,
your order will be filled in a timely manner (but not immediately)
so the Priority Mail option is not a possibility.

TO ORDER (choose one of the following four options):
Note:  If you choose to have the materials sent as e-mail attachments, you do not have to pay the $3.00 mailing charge.  It is possible to send the following items via e-mail attachments:  mini-guides, reproducible sheets for mini-guides, study guides in letter format, and some Basic Booklets (ones that are available in letter format).  

1. Click on Order Blank
, print the order blank, write the information on the order blank, and mail a check/money order to CNS.

2. E-mail your order and your mailing address to CNS; we will e-mail you with a total. 
Note:  If you e-mail your order, you don’t need to print or fill out an order blank. Write “e-mail order” -- and the date of the order -- on the memo line of the check or on the money order; then mail your payment to the address listed above.

3. We also accept
PAY PAL.  See the details near the bottom of the Order Blank or choose one of the options:
1) E-mail your order to CNS. We will e-mail you a total for your order.
2) If your order is small or easy to calculate, you may want to figure out the total yourself:
  a) Add up the amounts for the individual items, then add the mailing charge to get a total (if you live in MN, you must multiply this total by 6.875% and add it to the amount for the items/mailing).
  b) Login to
Pay Pal:  Be sure to list the items you want to order on the Pay Pal form and use the following e-mail address:  cnsroe@gmail.com
3) If you would like to receive a Pay Pal invoice from CNS, request it via e-mail or phone (just tell us what you want to order): Be sure to specify which e-mail address you use for Pay Pal; also include your mailing address.

4. Phone in an order (office hours for phone orders are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CST Monday through Friday).  Please note that CNS does not accept credit cards directly (only through Pay Pal). If you phone in an order, you will still have to use Pay Pal or mail in your payment.
The advantages to phoning in an order:
1) CNS will do the calculations for you.
2) You don’t have to print an order blank; just write "phone order" and the date on the Memo Line of the check -- and make sure the address on the check is correct (if it is not correct, add a note with the correct address).
3) Orders paid by credit card Pay Pal will usually be mailed within 1-2 business days after receiving the payment.
4) If you mail in a check/money order, your order will usually be mailed in 1-2 business days after receiving the payment.

5.  We accept purchase orders from schools.  Fax (218-729-9733) or mail (5208 E. Lake Rd., Saginaw, MN 55779) the purchase order.  An invoice will be e-mailed or included in the package.