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     All of the study guides published by CNS emphasize biblical principles and birds03Christian character traits.  The guides include pre-reading activities, during reading exercises, vocabulary activities, ideas for discussion and writing, reading activities or literature analysis, extension possibilities, post reading activities, and an answer key. Students learn to think critically and hands-on projects are available to make learning meaningful and fun. 

Study guides have been developed for the following books:

  • The Chronicles of Narnia (5th-8th grades)
  • TRAILBLAZER books (3rd-7th grades)
  • Christmas Classics (books available for 2nd-12th grades)
  • Books for J. R. R. Tolkien (The Hobbit-5th-8th grades; LOR-9th-12 gr.)
  • Books by Patricia St. John (5th-8th grades)
  • Little Pilgrim's Progress (3rd-7th grades), by Helen L. Taylor:
    Study guide for Little Pilgrim's Progress, by Helen L. Taylor -- available in booklet format or letter format (please specify); the content and the price is the same..........................................$4.00
    Little Pilgrim's Progress Book................................................$7.99

    Reproducible sheets...............................................................$1.00

How Does the Content of a Study Guide 
Compare to the Content of a Mini-guide?

     The answer to this frequently asked question:  There are more activities in a study guide that costs $5.99.  Study guides** (in booklet format) that sell for $5.99 contain 48 booklet pages.  The content of a study guide booklet sells for less than $5.99 (i.e., The Light at Tern Rock -- a Christmas Classic guide that sells for $4.99) is comparable to the content in a mini-guide.  Mini-guides are 5-7 letter-size (8 1/2" x 11") pages that are printed on both sides so there are 10-14 pages of material.   
     In a study guide, the following parts always are provided for a chapter/ section:  vocabulary, discussion questions, and at least one reading activity. When I create a mini-guide, if vocabulary words don't "jump out" at me as I'm reading the chapter(s), I don't include vocabulary in that section.  Sometimes there are three reading activities for one section and none for another section.
     Each mini-guide is divided into 10 sections; study guides that are $5.99 (booklet) and $5.00 (8 1/2" by 11") contain more than 10 sections.     
     The main reason for the price difference is the amount of time needed to create a guide in letter format compared to a guide in booklet format:  An 8-step process is required for a booklet, but only 3 steps are needed to put together a guide in letter format.

**Many of the study guides that were originally created in booklet format are now available in letter format too (8 1/2" by 11"; 3-hole punched and ready to put in a binder of your choice).  The content is the same in both formats, but the price of the letter format is lower ($5.00) and they are able to be transmitted via e-mail attachments (PDF Format).  

A sample guide is provided; users' comments are found after the sample guide:

A SAMPLE GUIDE for Looking for Home, by Arleta Richardson
can be downloaded for free; click on the link:

Looking for Home Book ........................$7.99



"The TRAILBLAZER study guides are this family's best find of the school year.  They've  enhanced our history curriculum as they've opened our eyes to God's working through real heroes -  missionaries.  The studies we did on D.L. Moody and David Livingstone left the children  begging for more.  We can hardly wait to begin the next one.  Thank you for your wonderful guides."

                                               --L. Brake

"'What is learnt with pleasure is learnt full  measure.'  These study guides encourage children to enjoy reading.  I use it alternating with a traditional textbook study -

it works  great.  Discussion questions lead kids to  really think about what is happening in the story,  yet the guides also address the English rules, plus so much more.  I would highly recommend them to anyone."

                                             --E. Klasen

"The guides are so well written and organized that you will want to have one open in your lap while read the corresponding novel.  The guides' cultural information, activities and vocabulary insure getting the most out of each TRAILBLAZER book; worth their weight in prep-time gold."

                                            --K. Lehmann

"I ordered all of your Patricia St. John study guides and books to read with my Sunday School classes at  the church where I am the Children's Pastor.  I just wanted you to know that everyone -- kids, parents, and teachers -- are loving it!  Every week the kids can't wait to get to class and the  teachers keep reading ahead and wanting to know what book is coming next and the parents want to know where I found these wonderful books!  I read and gave my heart to the Lord reading St. John as a child.  Forget fancy, expensive Sunday School curriculum that needs an hour of prep time.  From now on I am just reading to my kids on Sunday mornings.  Thanks so much."


“Thank you so much for making these [guides] available!  I have taught in the public schools for over 10 years and have been homeschooling my two daughters for the past two  years.  I appreciate the time and energy placed into creating these guides!”


“Thank you so much for writing literature study guides.  I have used some of them in our lit study.  I have also used your America history units and thoroughly enjoyed the series.”


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