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User's Comments

"America:  An Integrated Curriculum was great for our family.  The format is easy to use and self containing.  When you buy one of the America studies there is no need to add supplements except for math and typing.  The grammar is excellent and the science lessons are thorough and creative.  I found that by following Chris' day to day plan I had everything I needed to teach several grades effectively in most subjects.
I especially liked that at times she had different activities for the varying grade levels.  Using Peter Marshall's books helps lead the kids through an exciting discovery of  American  History.  The literature she chose to go along with the main texts excited my children and taught them so much.  The hands on activities were fun, easy to do and never overwhelming.  Her  writing lessons really helped  my children develop their skills.  They grew so much.

I absolutely recommend America:  An Integrated Curriculum.  You will find it  easy to use, effective in developing your children's education, and fun for the whole family."
--Rebecca (Minnesota)

"My children really enjoy history so a study that centers around it was a perfect fit.  The literature has been  chosen very  well:  Every book has held the attention of two 10-year-old boys.  When asked which one was their favorite, they had a hard time deciding.  The grammar lessons are so  effective that they are analyzing  sentences as well as their 7th grade brother.  Also, I found the extended reading list extremely helpful."
--Anne (Minnesota)

"It has been my pleasure to use your America series with my boys this year.  It fits my 6th grade son perfectly and have had no difficulty adapting it  to my 8th grade (reluctant reader) son by increasing expectations, adjusting the English assignments and supplementing the science."
--Kimberly (North Dakota)

"We are currently using your America unit studies.  We have finished Land of the Pilgrims' Pride, and our children have enjoyed this approach to Early American History.  I spent quite a bit of  time researching the many quality literature-based unit studies this summer, and I am confident that God led us to the best "fit" for our family!"

"I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much we are enjoying the America unit study I purchased from you.  My children are learning so much, and it is real  knowledge that I think will stick with them.  Several of the features that the children enjoy are the map work, time line, and the Bible verse booklet.  I think the English/Grammar work  is very good and they are learning more than I would have imagined.  I had intended to use a separate program for English, but I am very pleased with this.  I had several goals this year  for school and this unit study, I find, covers all of them!  Overall, I have been very pleased with the America unit study and would highly recommend it."
--Peggy (Iowa)

"Your products are so awesome!  I used the "From Every Mountainside" for a unit in co-op and all the moms were asking where I got it.  The America program is so well written that there isn't all the  extra work for moms to do.  I thank you for all the hard
work . . . ."
--Stacy (Pennsylvania)

"I just had to write and tell you THANK YOU!  I ordered the first America unit just to see if my daughter and I liked it.  For the first time in probably a year, no  complaints from my 13-year-old!  I then ordered the remaining two units.  I had originally thought that the science would need to be supplemented, but have found the science to be so much fun, yet informative,  I've put the science textbook back on the shelves.

We've only completed the first three weeks, but I absolutely love how you have written these units!  My daughter is not one of those  children who love reading, and I have been searching for a unit that ties in good historical fiction, with comprehension questions, hoping to improve her reading skills.  The only subject I am adding is math."

"We are studying Week 4 of America, Part One.  So far I am pleased and impressed.  Thanks for your hard work putting it together.  I use it with my 5th and 1st  graders.  He [the first grader] is doing a lot of listening!  (And surprising me with how well he handles the language lessons!)

Three of my neighbors and I worked together looking  for a literature based history program that could be used across age groups.  We checked into several that we rejected because they were not written with a Biblical world view.  Your curriculum was an answer  to prayer for us."
-- Sally (Texas)

"I want to thank you once again for the wonderful American History Curriculum that you have written.  I am delighted with how much my two boys (ages 10 and 12) have learned  this year in history, geography, and grammar.   . . . we learned an enormous amount with relative ease and I look forward to using Year II next year."
--Valerie (Tennessee)

"I have enjoyed your America unit study!  The first eleven weeks were our favorite.  My boys really liked the Peter Marshall books you used (we did those as read alouds).  I appreciate all the time and effort you took to put together this study and I look forward to the next edition!"
--Jenifer (Tennessee)

"Thank you for writing such a thorough, enjoyable unit study curriculum!  My 12 year old son and I enjoyed reading the Peter Marshall books out loud as our framework.   Because the reading books were such good selections, they "hooked" my son into reading more and actually liking it!  This was my secret desire!  We used the program the way it was set up with the exception of English and Spelling, because he was ahead in those subjects.  The pace was good without being overwhelming.  I liked the way the Bible was tied into the reading assignments.  In particular, I liked the timeline figures for a timeline notebook and the way the states and presidents were incorporated into their own notebooks as well.  I also appreciated the complete  answer key.  All in all, we loved this curriculum and plan on purchasing Year Two."
--Debbie (Tennessee)

"For years I have wanted to try a unit study, believing that it would simplify our schools days, with four children to teach.  I was hesitant to jump into one, because I saw a  number of my friends running often to the library, which was not very practical with a family of our size.  Trying to have the right library books, at the right time in the study, also seemed a bit frustrating/daunting for me personally.  You can use this unit study with books from the library, but you don't have to, as CNS has the accompanying books available for you to purchase.

Chris has been wonderful to work with supplying everything for me that I needed for America!  She does all the prep work for you, unlike some other unit studies.  It is a wonderful teaching tool.  We like  it all; it is hard to pick a favorite aspect of the study.  But being a book lover, I do love the exposure to accurate history and quality literature that my children are receiving.

This has been a wonderful homeschooling year for us.  Cuddling up together over these great books has been a very bonding experience for us.  I have a feeling that, in years to come, our family will look back  on this year, our first with America, and next year's study, as one of the highest points in our homeschooling experience.  We absolutely love it!"
--Eva (Minnesota)

"Our family, as well as a friend's family, is enjoying your unit study.  My friend doesn't even like to do unit studies.  You have made teaching American History easy as you have everything laid  out.  Thank you for taking the time to write this curriculum."

"It's very helpful to have a program that combines literature and history and can be used with more than one level.  The extra reading list is great.  We will be continuing with the second year  of the program.  The biblical world view is the reason we are continuing with this program."
-- Sally

"We have enjoyed using the America unit study this year.  History facts were reinforced as we encountered them not only in our history books, but also in the reading books.  We especially liked creating the state and president books.  We look forward to finishing them next year with the second year of America."

"This [curriculum] was packed.  The varied activities allowed the teacher to be  flexible yet structured enough to know that learning was being accomplished."

"My daughter is doing so wonderful this year I just have to say thank you for making this program not only do--able but affordable.  I know it must have been a lot of work and I appreciate the time it  cost you so that I don't have to spend it."

"I feel that my daughter improved significantly in her writing ability and confidence in writing through your curriculum.  I was delighted with the many times that Bible lessons applied to our  family right at the time we studied them.  God ministered to us through your curriculum.  The indentured servant and apprentice agreements offered unique learning opportunities for our family.  Also, our  daughter enjoyed doing lots of projects.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

"It [the America program] was fantastic!  We can't wait to do year two.  I have told all of my homeschool friends about this curriculum.  I have four children (8, 6, 5 and 2 1/2).  The  lessons were so well laid out that I could just read through them prior to teaching them.  I had very little prep work to  do."                                        
-- Samantha (Oregon)

"America's rich history truly came alive for me this past year.   I revisted many historical places and events that I hadn't 'seen' since I was in grade school.  The ocean journeys and sacrificical efforts of all the Pilgrims brought tears of sorrow and joy to my eyes.  Our  Christian heritage would be nonexistent without them.  People like H. Tubman and A. Lincoln helped the country return to biblical ways.  To ponder what America truly is -- is overwhleming.  We should all  revisit America's history so we, as Christians, remember who we are, where we've been, and where we are going in America in the years to  come."                            
--DiAnn (Illinois)

"Thank you for all of your hard work on the America curriculums.  As an author of homeschool curriculum for  preschoolers (MUCH less of an undertaking than what I see on your work), I have a bit of an appreciation for all that went in to this.  A fellow homeschooler suggested your America curriculum once we finished with  ancients and then the Middle Ages last year.  Thank you again for this wonderful resource!"                                     

User's Comments
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