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Christian Novel Studies is a family-run home business that publishes three types of educational materials:

  • Literature guides from a Christian perspective in two formats:                                                 
    mini-guides (letter format -- hole punched and ready to put in a 3-ring binder),  study guides (booklet format and letter format)
  • Basic Booklets -- concise information on a specific topic:  i.e., Books for BoysMore Books for Boys , Great Reading for Girls, More Great Reading for GirlsTips for Learning World Languages at Home, Pastimes in Pictures Books, Celebrate Christmas! + more
  • America:  An Integrated Curriculum -- a complete two-year program (except for math)

One of Christian Novel Studies’ main goals is to provide affordable literature- based materials for homeschooling families and Christian schools.  Prices for materials published by CNS have never been raised since the company began publishing in 1996.

Mini-guides (plus reproducible sheets for mini-guides), some study guides (in letter format), and selected titles of Basic Booklets are now available in PDF format and are able to be transmitted as e-mail attachments.

The study guide for Little Pilgrim's Progress, by Helen L. Taylor, has been one of CNS's most popular guides.  It is now available in two formats:  as a study guide in booklet format and in letter format (there is no difference in price or in content). 

A beautiful new edition of this book is now available. Click on the link for a picture and details:  New Edition  
Price information for ordering this new edition from CNS is available; click on the link:  Mini-Guides for Juniors


  • Purchase a book from a selected titles of TRAILBLAZER books and receive a study guide and time line figure FREE!
  • Purchase a new 5-volume TRAILBLAZER book and receive a 25% discount on a 5-volume guide book (while supplies last)
  • 50% discount on TRAILBLAZER books!  See the Super Bargains page for details.
  • If you purchase at least one year of America, you get a new book American history book from a Christian perspective: Kids' Guide to America History, by Tracy M. Sumner at cost ($5.99).  See the Book & Price List page for details.  
  • Used copies (in good/like new condition) of some of the original Patricia St. John books (i.e., Treasures of the Snow) are now available.
  • All sections of the first 11-week study of America: An Integrated Curriculum are available as digital downloads on the TeachersPayTeachers website: Land of the Pilgrims' Pride.  Try the first two weeks of the curriculum for only $1.50 -- and then you only pay $2.00 each for 2-3 week sections of the remaining weeks of the 11-week study! In this introductory offer, the Appendix is FREE and the Answer Key is also only $.50!  The total cost for the first study is $10.00 -- a 50% discount.  The second and third 11-week studies are now available on TpT:  From Every Mountainside and Let Freedom Ring.       
If you've never used a guide from CNS, an inexpensive way to try one or more is to choose from the Damaged Materials and Used Books page; CNS materials on this page are discounted from 50% to 75%. 

Also, don't miss the 50 to 75% discounts on new books on the
Super Bargains

We love to share the titles/descriptions of great books and pass on directions for interesting activities.  The
Book Treasures page includes titles of some of our favorite books and resources; the Hands-On page contains descriptions of fun activities.   

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